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n. (/'wel'zilyəns/) creating your own path to wellness by strengthening personal resilience

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well·ness  n. (/ˈwelnəs/) the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

re·sil·ience  n. (/rəˈzilyəns/) the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

I am here to help gently guide you on the path to wellsilience.  I see you.  I hear you. 

I might not understand exactly what struggles you face, but that is what you are here to teach me.

This is a journey we take together.  Together we will discover foods that help you thrive, not just survive.  You will find exercise that feels like play and increases your desire to get active through various styles of yoga or in collaboration with a personal trainer.  Uncover ways to enrich your mind with meditation, prayer (if that’s up your alley), mantras, and affirmations. 

Learn how to take five items, prep once, and have four different meals. 

Explore different avenues of volunteerism to help you feel more included in your community, on and off the installation,

while building real relationships with like-minded people.

Most importantly, these services are provided at a cost that we work out from your budget. 

As a military wife, my goal is to help heal the military community one soul at a time. 

Because of this goal, I work with each client individually to make sure that this journey is financially feasible as well as theoretically sound.


*scholarships may be available | ask me how* 

Services : Services
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Behavior Change Counseling

Learn how to create subtle shifts in your daily life for lasting change

Let me guide you on a path to wellness as I supply you with tools and techniques that help you lead yourself to wellness.  We will discuss and implement subtle shifts throughout your program that will lead to lasting lifestyle changes.

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Fitness Nutrition Education

Learn how to eat for your fitness needs

We will meet and discuss the importance of proper fuel for the body in regard to fitness.  Each person has specific nutrition goals their body must achieve on a daily basis simply to stay well.  I will teach you how to add in the extra nutritional support necessary to support the type and level of active lifestyle you live.

Gluten Free

Food Allergy/Sensitivity Management

Learn to navigate your best foods

Market tour and label reading instruction designed to help you learn how to find the foods you can enjoy while avoiding those that are not in your best interest.


Guided Meditation

A gentle journey to help you relax and focus

An opportunity to turn inward for some reflection.  A time to focus on your true goals.  Let me guide you on a custom meditation curated with your specific health or life goals in mind.

Yoga Equipment

1 to 1 Yoga Instruction

Curated yoga instruction

Yoga instruction customized with your specific health, limitations, and goals in mind.  Level will be adjusted to your individual needs.  All equipment will be provided.

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